Friday, November 22, 2013

Keytwitty's Week 12 Cortaca Hangover CFB Power Rankings

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Holy Cortaca HangoverTurn down for what? 

In the words of the great Kanye West "sunglasses and advil" Cortaca was mad real.
S/O to anybody who reps C-state

10) LSU - The Tigers probably can't wait till college football starts their playoff systems.  The BCS punishes teams that play a tough schedule.  LSU has to finish the season against top 25 opponents on the road.
Last Week #9

9) Texas A&M - Somehow, someway I had to put my Heisman front runner Johnny "Money" Manziel back into my top 10. The Aggies have a tough test against LSU this weekend.  If Manziel leads the Aggies to victory, just give him the trophy.
Last Week Unranked

8) Missouri - The SEC East new king of the hill. They get their big time NFL QB prospect Franklin back this week. I'm not sure if this football program is here to stay or if its really a basketball school that happens to have football.
Last Week Unranked

7) Clemson - Some one loss teams can't really move up in the ranks. Clemson still can operate around their schedule.  Coach Debo still has national championship dreams every night.
Last Week #7

6) Oregon - Who's faster than this team in America?  #Nobody. A few weeks ago after the Ducks lost to Stanford and all seemed to be lost.  Then Stanford gets upset by USC and now the Ducks control their Pac-12 destiny again.  #nikejerseyswag
Last Week #6

5) Auburn - They survived a great finish against Georgia last week. They are awaiting a showdown against 'Bama to end the season.
Last Week Unranked

4) Baylor - The Bears are the best team in America that does not play defense. Someone has to rep the Big 12.
Last Week #5

3) Ohio State - The Buckeyes can only blow out teams in the big 10 and hope one of these top 2 teams lose. Urban Meyer can't wait for the playoff system because the BCS is screwing the Buckeyes.
Last Week #3

2) Florida State - On the field this team is flying on all cylinders.  Off the field Jamies Winston need a lawyer and to pray to Bobby Bowden. 
Last Week #2

1) Alabama - Nick Saban does the right things all the time for his program. Saban control all superstar egos and makes boys into men. #RollTideRoll
Last Week #1

-Keytwitty (@Keytwitty)

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