Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 12 NFL Picks Column

Good news- I found a new apartment!

Bad news- I'm now down to one kidney to pay off my Realtor fee!

2 Man Weave Anti-Lock Of The Week (3-8) Chi +1 in the Lou

Smokin' Jay Cutler or not, I love this Bears team. They've got one of the best WR duos in the league with Marshall and Jeffrey, and Matt Forte is in the midst of a MONSTER season. Chicago is tied for first in the NFC North and can't afford to lose such a winnable game this late in the season. Gimme Da Bears in a blowout.

And now, the picks!

The King's Throne
Keytwitty (28-27) Indy -2, Pitt +2, Den -2.5, Car -4, Minn +5

Watch The Throne 
Dough Boy (24-30-1) Den -2.5, Pitt +2, Chi +1, Car -4, Indy +2

Danye (23-30-2) T.B. +9, Jax +10, Chi +1, Den -2.5, Car -4

J Fonts (23-30-2) Atl +9.5, Mia +4, N.E. +2.5, Wash +5.5, Jax +10

Cambo (23-30-2) S.F. -5.5, Chi +1, Car -4, K.C. -5, Dal +2.5

Chooch (23-31-1)  Det -9, S.D. +5, Pitt +2, Bal -3.5, Dal +2.5

Gary (21-32-2)  G.B. -5, Car -4, NYJ +3.5, Pitt +2, Oak -1

Miggs (19-34-2)   Jax +10, K.C. -5, Pitt +2, Ten +1, N.E. +2.5

The Mush
Flem (16-35-4) Car -4, Pitt +2, Indy +2, Den -2.5, S.F. -5.5

Obscure Gif of the Week / More like HAM-ma, amiright?

Bonus Gif of the Week / Drinking Water In Zero Gravity

Babe of the Week / Jennie Finch (throwback, but I've always had a thing for her)

Random YouTube Video Of The Week That Has Nothing To Do With Football / Pug Head Tilt


Chief Keef "Locked 'N Loaded" Fantasy Player To Watch For

 Victor Cruz, WR, Giants

"So the other night after my show I'm driving home in the Caddy, and even though that shit automatic, you best believe the bitch I was with was riding stick. So she's sitting shotty, churning the butter, kissing Cyclopse ay now and then, but once we pull off of I-94 I decide its time for the cake. So she hikes up her skirt and jumps on it like Apache. Now I'm going a cool 70 while hittin skins and its getting real hard to focus on the road. I tell her to slow down but she ain't listening and its starting to feel like Mt. Vesuvius bout to blow. Close my eyes for a second and the next thing I know I'm face-deep in an airbag and shorty butt ass naked leaking from the dome. Wasn't tryna get blood on the crocodile seats so I kicked her ass to the curb and cruised on home."

-fresh (@danye33)

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