Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miggs Won The Weave's Inaugural Survivor Fantasy Football League

In July I came up with a new idea for a 16 team fantasy football league where the lowest scoring team each week got eliminated (similar to a typical Survivor pool, only using players instead of teams).  15 weeks of NFL football later and we've got ourselves a champion- the Weave's very own Nick Migliorino!

Miggs picked 13th overall in last August's draft, selecting Matt Forte, followed by A.J. Green, and just like that the cornerstones of "Richard Hatch's Nuts" were formed. The mid-season acquisitions of  the Panthers D and Nick Foles helped round out a roster that also featured DeSean Jackson and Wes Welker.

"Richard Hatch's Nuts" defeated former 2 Man Weave Pick 'Em Pool champ Flem's "Coon and Friends" by a score of 139-110 in the championship game, despite getting a goose egg out of his tight end slot (Coby Fleener). We can only hope that Nick uses some of his newfound riches on some more brightly colored animal t-shirts.

-fresh (@danye33)

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