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The Best Of The 2 Man Weave, 2013 part 1 (January-May)


Hater's Guide To The 2013 NFL Playoffs -Dan Chiavetta (1/3/13)

Kevin Garnett Is A Punk Ass Bitch -Dan Chiavetta (1/9/13)

"The I-95 Exchange" Joe And Dan Talk KG -Dan Chiavetta & Joe Turner (1/10/13)

Pats-Ravens Preview -Dan Chiavetta (1/17/13)

The Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Shows Of All Time -Dan Chiavetta (1/25/13)

Weekend Hoops Recap (1/28/13) -Dan Chiavetta (1/28/13) 

Dan And Miggs Save The Pro Bowl -Dan Chiavetta & Nick Migliorino (1/29/13)

Randall "Pink" Floyd Shit His Pants In The Back Of A Cop Car -Dan Chiavetta 


Jeremiah Trotter Used To Tickle Tiki Barber Under The Pile -Dan Chiavetta (2/5/2013)

Dan And Miggs Preview Season 3.5 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" -Dan Chiavetta & Nick Migliorino (2/8/13)

The Unofficial Walking Dead Death Odds -Dan Chiavetta (2/11/13)

Somers Star Wins Section 1 Scoring Title on Senior Night -Dan Chiavetta (2/12/13)

An Attack On "Elite" -Dan Chiavetta (2/12/13)

You Know Atticus and Rainer Are Poppin' Bottles Today -Dan Chiavetta (2/18/12)

More Than Just Second Hand Goods -Dan Chiavetta (2/20/2013)

Pro Bowl Corners Engage In Virtual Pillow Fight -Dan Chiavetta (2/21/13)

Power Ranking The Courses of "Mario Kart 64" -Dan Chiavetta (2/25/13)

High School Beat Writer Makes Hilarious Observation -Dan Chiavetta (2/27/13)

Following Up On The 2 Man Weave's 2012 NFL Preseason Predictions -Dan Chiavetta (2/28/13)


New Rochelle Stuns Mt. Vernon For Section Title With "Shot of the Century" -Dan Chiavetta (3/5/13)

Time For Jets To Escape Revis Island? -Dan Chiavetta (3/5/13)

Skip Bayless Is By No Means An NBA Draft Expert -Dan Chiavetta (3/6/13)

Rick Returns Home- It's Your s3 ep12 Recap of "The Walking Dead" With Miggs -Nick Migliorino (3/8/13)


FSU Student Arrested For Redirecting School's Wi-Fi Homepage To Meat Spin -Dan Chiavetta (3/13/13)

NY Post Beat Writer Sends Egregious Tweet During Last Night's Knicks-Nuggets Game -Dan Chiavetta (3/14/13)

Dan And Miggs Preview The Home Stretch of Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" -Dan Chiavetta & Nick Migliorino (3/15/13)

Keytwitty and Gary sparked a national debate with their Cookie Power Rankings

The Inaugural Fresh Take Mailbag -Dan Chiavetta (3/21/13)

Am I Smarter Than A 6th Grader? Apparently Not -Dan Chiavetta (3/21/13)

Amanda Bynes Doesn't Play Hard To Get (3/22/13)

2MW's Three Part MLB Power Rankings -Joe Palazzo (part 1, part 2, part 3)

Beast Mode Goes Back To School, But Who Should Join Him? -Dan Chiavetta (3/16/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 2 -Dan Chiavetta (3/28/13)

Merle Comes Full Circle As "The Walking Dead" Sets The Stage For Its Season Finale -Nick Migliorino (3/29/13)


March Madness Regional Championship Recap -Dan Chiavetta (4/1/13)

New Contract Means Raised Expectations For Romo -Dan Chiavetta (4/2/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 3 -Dan Chiavetta (4/4/13)

I officially became a vampire 

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 4 -Dan Chiavetta (4/11/13)

Check Out *Interview With Drew Magary -Dan Chiavetta & Drew Magary (4/16/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 5 -Dan Chiavetta (4/18/13)

I Want To Get This Insane Sorority Girl's E-Mail Tatted On My Rib Cage -Dan Chiavetta (4/19/13)

A Rivalry Reincarnated -John Fontanelli (4/19/13)

Fontanelli's 5 Takeaways From Game 1 Knicks/Celtics -John Fontanelli (4/23/13)

Dan and Miggs Preview The NFL Draft -Dan Chiavetta & Nick Migliorino (4/25/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 6 -Dan Chiavetta (4/25/13)


Daft Punk dropped the song of the summer

Power Ranking The Most Meaningful Ways To Wish Someone A Happy Birthday -Dan Chiavetta (5/3/13)

"Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown" John Fontanelli On How Maturity Makes All The Difference In The NBA -John Fontanelli (5/3/13)

Let The Derrick Rose Shit Talking Commence! -Dan Chiavetta (5/6/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 7 -Dan Chiavetta (5/9/13)

What Could Gotye Possibly Have Done To Make His Ex-Girlfriend Change Her Number? (5/13/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 8 -Dan Chiavetta (5/23/13)

The Definitive Super Hero Power Rankings (Pt. 1) -Nick Migliorino (5/29/13)

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