Friday, January 10, 2014

Dan and Miggs Pick The Playoffs- Round 2

Dan: Miggs! My long lost co-worker/lunch date/blogging partner- how the hell are you?

Miggs: Good man just writing blogs and steadily losing bets every weekend.

Dan: Well luckily for you there's four more games this weekend to make up for lost wages! Who do you like in the Divisional round of the playoffs?

Miggs: Lets go in order. First up we have NAWLINS at Seattle. I'm going with the 'Hawks in this one. I just think Seattle is too good at home. The crowd always gets up for games in Seattle and that defense is overpowering.  Rob Ryan's play calling could add a nice little wrinkle to this game, but I still think Beast Mode will have a field day and finish up with 150 yards. 

Dan: First game up and we've already got a disagreement- this is working out better than I expected! I'm going to go with the Saints in this one. I know they were an atrocious 3-5 on the road this season, and got absolutely destroyed on their last trip to Seattle 34-7 in week 13, but its tough to beat a playoff caliber team twice in the same season. The Eagles were the hottest team in the league, and they had no problem winning in Philly last weekend. I think they'll avenge their playoff loss to the Seahawks from 2011 in the birth-of-Beast-Mode game, and no, I'm not just saying that because I predicted a Pats-Saints Super Bowl before the season started.

(from the TD Daily Staff Super Bowl Picks column posted 9/5/13) 

Dan Chiavetta, Contributing Writer: Patriots over Saints
There’s no need for the New England faithful to hit the panic button over the loss of Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez, because as long as Tom Brady is lining up under center, the Pats are a shoe-in for 30 points per game. With six guaranteed wins against their weak divisional foes, this team should cruise to a Super Bowl victory with home field advantage along the way.

(okay fine, thanks kind of why I'm saying that)

Speaking of the Pats- what are your predictions for their Saturday nightcap versus a Colts team coming off one of the greatest playoff comebacks of all time?

Miggs: I'm going with the Pats at home against the Colts. Both supporting casts suck for these teams. Name one defensive starter for Indy besides Robert Mathis? But I'll take the crafty veteran Brady at home. If Andy Luck limit his turnovers this will be a close game. AHHH I want to pick the Colts so bad because I hate the Pats sooooo much but I just can't do it. Not in this round at least. 

DanI think you're thinking a little too much with your heart and not your brain here. The Pats hung 59 on this team the last time they played (granted it was in 2012), but I don't think Luck has the supporting cast to beat Brady on his own turf. When you think of all the players New England lost from last year's team, a squad that finished one game short of the Super Bowl- Hernandez, Gronk, Mayo, Spikes, Woodhead, Wilfork, Welker (I'm sure I'm missing others), its pretty terrifying that they're still able to play at such a high level. If it wasn't for a penalty versus the Jets on last second FG attempt (that had no effect on the actual kick) and a no-call on a possible PI in the endzone pass to Gronk that ended the Panthers game, this team could very well have the best record in the league! It reminds me a lot of their early 2000's squads that had such great success- winning with Brady and whoever else they send out there.

Moving on to Sunday's slate of games- who do you like the slugfest of the century- the San Francisco 49ers at the Carolina Panthers? 

MiggsI'm going with the 49ers in this one. This game is going to be incredibly close and painfully low scoring. Both teams have great defense and very average offenses. That being said, I think Kaepernick has played in, and won, a lot of playoff  games already so there's no questioning his confidence. Although this very well could be SuperCam's playoff coming out party, I'll take the experienced Niners. I have a feeling Gore and the running game gets shut down by Luke Kuechly, but they get the job done through the air. Big day from Crabtree. Its going to come down to a key calls in a close game by these two hot headed coaches. RIVERBOAT RON!!!!!!!!!

Dan: All valid points, but I'm all in on this Panthers squad. From 1-4 to a first round bye and their first home playoff game in half a decade, I expect the Seahawks of the East to put the clamps down on the red hot 49ers. We're talking about a team that allowed just 15.1 ppg and a hair over 300 total ypg this season (both good for 2nd in the league). I know I'm contradicting myself by going against my "its hard to beat a playoff caliber team twice in the same season" theory (the Panthers beat the 49ers 10-9 in week 10), but I'm all in on Sir Cam Newton and the boys in black. Home dogs for the win!  

Fun fact: the last team to lose in a Super Bowl and then come back to win it all the following year was the '72 Dolphins. That's FORTY years of history going against you Colin!

Fourth to last game of the season 

/sheds tear
Who ya got in the AFC West showdown? 

MiggsI'm really excited for this game and I think its going to be the best one of the bunch. Phil Rivers is riding his bolo tie wearing luck streak right into the Rocky Mountains. Neither team has a strong defense. Von Miller being out is huge loss for Denver, especially in the playoffs. Rivers went into Indy once back in the day and beat Peyton in a shootout, and I expect more of the same on Sunday. I'm taking the Chargers and riding the hot hand. They snuck in the playoffs on a fluke play and I think they beat Peyton on his home field. 

Dan: You old sailor, you! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist Phillip and his #BOLO swag. But that's all fine and dandy because the inevitable 2013 MVP, Mr. Manning, is about to score easier than upperclassmen at a Halloween party. We're talking about a quarterback who had more passing touchdowns (55) than the total touchdowns scored by each team in the league. It doesn't matter that Denver's defense is non-existent because they can, and will, march up and down the field like the Thanksgiving Day parade. This is one of those games that'll be over five minutes in. Broncos by three scores, giddy up. 

-fresh (@danye33) & Miggs (@NickMiggs)

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