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The Best Of The 2 Man Weave, 2013 part 2 (June-December)


It Was A Dream Come True For Frankie Muniz's Biggest (And Creepiest) Fan -Dan Chiavetta (6/1/13)

Fresh Take Mail Bag, Vol. 9 -Dan Chiavetta (6/6/13)

Toss Up! What Is 2 Chainz Worse At- Freestyling Or Not Getting Robbed? -Dan Chiavetta (6/14/13)

"When They're Under Pressure, They Usually Rise To The Occasion. But Tonight That Just Didn't Happen" And Other Quotes From Heat Fans Who Left Game 6 Early -Dan Chiavetta (6/20/13)

Far From The Patriot Way -Dan Chiavetta (6/21/13)

Don't Call It A Comeback! -Dan Chiavetta (6/27/13)

Aaron Hernandez Arrested For First Degree Murder, Along With Weapons Charges -Dan Chiavetta (6/27/13)


The Pats Put Hernandez In Their Rear View After Successful Jersey Swap Offer -Dan Chiavetta (7/9/13)

The Definitive Superhero Power Ranking (Pt. 2) -Nick Migliorino (7/12/13)

MSG On The Move? -Dan Chiavetta (7/25/13)


The Riley Cooper Situation (Reader E-mail) -Dan Chiavetta (8/2/13)

I've Got An Ice Box Where This Blog Used To Be -Dan Chiavetta (8/14/13)

Smoke Show Impersonates 19 Different Artists While Singing "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" -Dan Chiavetta (8/15/13)

Chooch's 2014 College Football Mega Preview -Michael Cianciulli (8/30/13)


Week 1 NFL Picks Column -Dan Chiavetta (9/5/13)

The Rematch We've All Been Waiting For- It's Your Week 3 College Football Talk With Chooch -Michael Cianciulli (9/13/13)

Week 2 NFL Picks Column -Dan Chiavetta (9/13/13)

The 60 Most Insightful Things I learned Before My 25th Birthday (And The People I Learned Them From) -John Fontanelli (9/17/13)

Breaking Down The Fantasy Implications Of The Trent Richardson Trade -Dan Chiavetta (9/19/13)

Did A Barstool Sports Commenter Admit To Raping A Girl In The Comment Section Of Their #BarstoolConfessions Post? -Dan Chiavetta (9/22/13)


Reader E-Mail: Could You Date A Die Hard Fan Of Your Favorite Team's Rival? -Joseph Stevens (10/3/13)

Keytwitty Week 6 CFB Power Rankings (S/O to Sallie Mae #HeyBoo) -Keshon Bediako (10/4/13)

USC Puts The Nail In The Kiffin -Michael Cianciulli (10/4/13)

Week 7 NFL Picks Column -Dan Chiavetta (10/18/13)

Oregon High School Football Team Executes Miley Cyrus Tribute Play To Perfection -Dan Chiavetta (10/29/13)


The 2MW's Midseason Fantasy Football Awards -Dan Chiavetta (11/1/13)

This Week In Horrific Bleacher Report Reporting- Nick Foles Record Means Nothing -Dan Chiavetta (11/6/13)

BREAKING: Dough Boy Puts A Ring On It! -Dan Chiavetta (11/18/13)

A Special Cortaca Interview With Berny- The 2 Man Weave's Cortland Party Correspondent -Dan Chiavetta (11/20/13)

Are Most Runners Really Self-Important Assholes? Yeah, Kinda -Joseph Stevens (11/22/13)

awesome gifs


Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf Is The Real Life Wario -Dan Chiavetta (12/4/13)

Week 15 NFL Picks Column -Dan Chiavetta (12/13/13)

The Mom From The Viral "X-Mas Jammies" Video Christmas Card Is A Certified Smoke -Dan Chiavetta (12/18/13)

Previewing The Cowboys-Eagles "Do Or Die" Week 17 Showdown -Dan Chiavetta (12/27/13)

The Memphis Grizzlies Are A Class Organization And I Will Be Rooting For Them For The Rest Of The Season -Dan Chiavetta (12/30/13)

Keytwitty won the 2 Man Weave's 2013 NFL Pick 'Em Pool (12/31/13)

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