Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chicago Newscaster Inadvertently Televises His Porn Website Of Choice

First off I just want to say there is absolutely no shame in using your smart phone to crank stick. Hell, if you're paying $30 a month for pocket access to the internet anyway, you might as well milk it for all its worth (no pun intended).  So I'm not going to fault this guy for bookmarking his spank bank on what's more than likely a company phone. But what I do have a problem with is his choice of fap material. Pornhub, really? What is this 2008? The game's changed man. That was the go to during the wild west of internet porn, but nowadays I just feel there's a lot better options you could be working with. Using Pornhub is like ordering vanilla ice cream with no toppings. Sure, it'll fill you up and get the job done, but why not go for the cookie dough with syrup and sprinkles if you have the chance?

P.S. I'm dying to see what word is being blocked by his thumb. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO EXPOSE?! It's gotta be titties, right?

-fresh (@danye33)

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