Wednesday, February 5, 2014

George Zimmerman Is In For A "Ruff Ryde," As DMX Agrees to a Celebrity Boxing Match Against the Child Killer

Trayvon Martin's killer, and overall scum of the Earth, George Zimmerman, isn't done milking his 15 minutes of murderous fame quite yet. Just months after his girlfriend had him arrested for domestic violence, the portly Hispanic man who famously used Florida's "Stand Your Ground" act to avoid serving time for the killing of an unarmed teen he was stalking is once again out for blood. Only this time it will be in a boxing ring, not on a Florida sidewalk. 

More than fifteen thousand people applied for the chance to legally beat Zimmerman's face to a pulp (including your's truly), and after much deliberation "celebrity" boxing promoter Daniel Feldman has decided to grant rapper DMX's wish. 

TMZ quoted DMX as saying "I am going to beat the living fuck out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I fuck him right up." He also added that he would "literally piss" on George's face.

The date, time and location of the three round boxing event was originally going to be announced today (2/5), which just so happens to be Trayvon Martin's birthday. But after some justified public outcry the announcement has been postponed until next Wednesday. 

It's pretty pathetic that we live in a world where murdering a teenage qualifies you as a "celebrity".
But if that's what it takes to let DMX take out a nation's worth of anger on this assholes' face then so be it.  

They just better make sure Zimmerman goes through a metal detector before entering the ring.  

[via TMZ]

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