Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Sacramento Kings and Jimmer Fredette Reportedly Headed For a Divorce

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According to Yahoo sports' Adrian Wojnarowski the Kings are in the process of finalizing a buyout agreement with guard Jimmer Fredette, making the former first round pick a free agent, should he clear waivers. 

Jimmer was the 10th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, and was acquired by the Kings as part of a three team trade with the Bucks and the Bobcats. Fredette was the consensus NCAA player of the year in 2011, and was drafted ahead of a handful of contributing NBA players including Klay Thompson, the Morris twins, Kawhi Leonard, Nikola Vucevic, Kenneth Faried, Jimmy Butler, Chandler Parsons and teammate Isaiah Thomas.

Unfortunately, the sharp shooter was unable to carve out a consistent role on the underachieving Kings squads, averaging just 7 points per game for his career, including a career-worst 5.9 in 2014 (though to his credit, he is shooting close to 50% from downtown).

In a somewhat ironic twist of fate, point guard Isaiah Thomas, whom the Kings selected with the final pick in the 2011 draft (50 spots after Jimmer) has emerged as a star, averaging 20.6 ppg and 6.4 apg in just his third NBA season.

The decision to cut ties with Fredette shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, seeing as the Kings neglected to pick up his 2014-15 team option last fall, all but assuring he would be playing elsewhere next season. His Mormon ties make Utah an interesting landing spot, and Memphis has openly expressed interest, but in reality any team should be licking their chops at the chance to acquire a long range specialist on the cheap this late in the season.

Rumor has it the Kings will use their open roster spot to sign Orlando Johnson once the Jimmer buyout becomes finalized. 

At 20-37 the Kings boast the second worst record in the Western Conference, however they are the only team in the NBA with three players averaging more than 20 points per game (Cousins, Gay, Thomas).

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