Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crisis Averted, The Weave Lives!!!

phew, that was a close one 

These last two weeks have been beyond frustrating. It was like my very own personal Lindbergh baby kidnapping. My website had been taken from me and I wasn't quite sure I would ever get her back.

It all started on the first morning of March Madness. I had just gotten home from work and was planning on pulling up the site to link our tournament challenge post to our fan page, in hopes of getting some last minute stragglers to sign up for our competition.  But when I entered into my browser, I was greeted with this concerning visual-

It was a notification from Blogger telling me that my site was in violation with their terms of services, and only authors would be granted access to the Weave. Once logged in I was greeted with another message informing me that my site had become infected with some kind of malicious content, and I would have to remove it before requesting a review to re-open the site from Blogger. I had seen this warning once before, sometime in mid-February, and I was miraculously able to get things up and running again by aimlessly fucking around on the "Edit HTML" template in webmaster tools.

This time it pointed out that images on two blog posts, both from well over a year ago, had become corrupted. So far, so good, and it was beginning to look like this might be an easy fix. I removed said images, and waited for the "review" button to magically appear.

No such luck.

At this point I was beginning to grow frustrated. By now March Madness was in full swing, the Knicks were finally contesting for a playoff spot, and some bro got a McDonald's receipt tatted on his forearm, and I was nowhere to be found.

As shocking as this may seem coming from a guy who types on a keyboard for a living, I'm actually completely helpless when it comes to the inner workings of how computers, and in this case, websites, actually work. So I began asking for help from everyone and anyone with a functional e-mail account in my address book.

As a final Hail Mary, I shot a Facebook message to a guy I was friendly with growing up, but had since lost contact with post-high school who I knew (thank you, Facebook) had previously worked for Google (parent company of Blogger). I explained the situation in full detail and asked if it would be possible for him to assess the situation. I stressed how important this was to me, but also made it very clear that I would be incredibly thankful for any help that he might be able to give me.

One week and a dozen or so e-mails later, the Weave is back, and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for all of Rick's help.

With four + years, more than 1,100 posts and close to a half a million (!) views, the Weave has become a gigantic part of my life, and probably the most accurate representation of who I am. And the thought of losing it, or not having it a finger click away, TERRIFIED me.

Would the hard work of myself and a handful of other incredible people be for naught?

Not on my watch, but this scare has given me a greater appreciation of this amazing online community I've created, and has motivated me to keep this site going better than ever before.

So thank you, the reader, for your patience, and continued support of The 2 Man Weave. Here's to the next chapter of this crazy ride.


-fresh (@danye33)

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  1. I just want to say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. "The Weave" as it has become endearingly known as among the inner circles of those who like to laugh was filling a void during my day that I did not know was there until this 2 week hiatus. Danye, I have never met you but I want to let you know that I appreciate your progressive humor and at times, self deprecating attitude. This is need in our society more than ever (MILEY!!!) and (JUSTIN!!!).

    Thank you,
    Carl V.
    Sacramento Charter High School '96