Monday, April 7, 2014

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Cornell Student Who Voluntarily Suffered A Bee Sting On His Penis "In The Name Of Science"?

(Metro UK) A university student stung himself on the genitals using a bee and it was all in the name of science. When Michael Smith started on his journey to find out the worst place to be stung by a bee he probably wasn't thinking it would be in his nostril. But that’s the conclusion he came to after purposefully barbing himself in numerous positions on his body, including his genitals. ‘We speculated it probably really would hurt to get stung in the testicles. Two days later, by chance, I did get stung there. It didn't hurt as much as I expected it to,’ he told the Independent. He chose a total of 25 places to be stung around his body, with some hard to reach areas requiring him to get creative.
Look, I think we can all agree that college is the perfect place for experimentation. It's pretty much expected of you to creatively act like an asshole while "finding yourself" before your ill-equipped entry into the "real world." Treading dangerously close to alcohol overdose on a nightly basis, straight girls making out with straight girls, seeing how big a font size you can get away with using on papers. These are all different ways young twenty-somethings "experiment" in a collegiate setting. But if your type of experiment involves tying a bee to your penis so it can sting you in your balls then you, my friend, are fucked up. 
What kind of study is this anyway? "The worst place to be stung by a bee." Does it really matter?! For starters, pain is relative to your own personal experience, but more importantly all bee stings are AWFUL, so who cares if it hurts slightly more on the tip of your dick? It's going to suck regardless! 
P.S. This kid would have had a much more enjoyable college experience if only he focused on getting a different type of bee sting during his time at Cornell.  
-fresh (@danye33)

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