Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Allen Iverson's Top 100 Crossovers

I just spent the past 15 minutes watching this incredible mixtape, and even though I should be happy because it's bringing back great memories, I can't help but get genuinely bummed out with how A.I.'s career played out. I know that despite Tim Duncan's best effort father time remains undefeated, but Iverson was gone way too soon. Ray Ray, Kobe and Nash are still kicking (or in some cases, limping) from that epic '96 draft class, yet the last time The Answer laced it up on an NBA court LeBron was still in Cleveland.

Iverson transcended the game for better and worse, on and off the court, and it's important that compilations like this exist to show the next generation that he was much more than an elite scorer who once made it to the Finals with Eric Snow as his backcourt mate. Instead that he was one of the most fearless, big time players the league has ever seen. It didn't matter if it was Gary Payton or Michael Jordan guarding him, they weren't staying in front once he got to crossing.

And that step back though... good lawd.

-fresh (@danye33)

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