Thursday, July 17, 2014

What Would Ja Do?

Do you ever find yourself confused, alone and unsure of what Ja Rule song would best suit your mood? If so, you're in luck! Thanks to a new website called Please Help Me Ja Rule, you'll never find yourself feeling that way again.

The site allows you to choose from one of five various levels of "How thug are you feeling?", ranging from "Like Ja Rule in 2001 (Pain Is Love era)" to "Why would I want to be a thug?". It then asks you "How emotional are you feeling?", with responses like "Crying R. Kelly tears of joy" and "My girl left me and I'm tryna listen to Jaheim."

Once your selections have been made, you click a PLEASE HELP ME JA RULE button and voila- a Ja Rule video pops up to get the party started!


If you're feeling more thug than 50 Cent at a candy shop, but also feel like serenading your baby mamma, you're gonna end up with "Between Me And You."

-fresh (@danye33)

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