Friday, January 2, 2015

As The Ball Drops, Kanye Drops "Only One"

Kanye waited until the final hours to drop what looks to be the most important hip-hop song of 2014. Not only does Yeezy finish up where "Hey Mamma" left off, he got a LIVING MEMBER OF THE BEATLES to perform on the track.

"Only One" sounds like it belongs on 808's & Heartbreak. The song, which is written from the perspective of late mother Donda speaking to him, is vintage, heartfelt 'Ye.  His mom assures him of her approval of the man he has become, while reminding him to "tell Nori" (her grand daugther) about her.

It's a testament to how far Kanye has come since her untimely passing, and another step in the right direction for his grieving process.

Donda truly does have a lot to be proud of.

-fresh (@danye33)

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