Friday, July 8, 2011

@Keytwitty, A Tweep You Should Follow

@Keytwitty talks planking, porn names and Tami Roman in this 2MW interview

Welcome to the 2 Man Weave's inaugural "A Tweep You Should Follow" segment. We will be interviewing non-celebrities who constantly make us laugh and entertain us on Twitter, so that you guys can get to experience the hilarity of their tweets. This week we have the very funny Keshon Akwesi Owusu Bediako from Cortland, New York. This interview took place over gchat.

danye: Hey what's up Keshon, I really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. You ready?

keytwitty: Let's do this man. Pause
danye: Who are some of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?
keytwitty: @danye33 he drops knowlegde @ochocinco is comedy! Everybody in my dcs crew @illwill3 @jcam32 @bigfrank32 @veazy247 @ellzdagod! I like the pornstars out there that twitpic nasty pics. Oh and @TheRealMrJames hes my second favorite wrestler after ric flair.
danye: What exactly is a "U Boy"?
keytwitty: Well the u-boys is a crew of homies myself @illwill3 n @jcam32 that live a lifestyle similar to the miami hurricanes of the 80's n early 90's. We live fast, party hard , and make the ladies go wild whoooooooooooo.
danye: I see that you tweet quit often about Tami from Basketball Wives, what is it that you love about her?
keytwitty: Tami is amazing shes a grown ass women who drinks beer n smokes right in front of these high price heifers. I feel like u can take Tami anywhere and she will fit right in.
danye: Have you ever tweeted to her?
keytwitty: No i just found her on twitter on Tuesday! But I will twitter stalk her.
danye: Have your views on planking changed in the past week or so? I know initially you weren't a fan of the idea.
keytwitty: I still dont know if i want to plank yet! I think its funny n some r extreme but understanding that, that's the way slave had to stay for a 2 month tied down across the ocean still hurts my heart! But the past is the past I guess.
danye: Very good point, I dont think enough people have taken that into consideration with that whole craze. On a happier note- did you come up with the blue balls/blue walls analogy yourself?
keytwitty: Sadly I heard that a long time ago from my uncle bobby he said one night to his lady friend "im going to get u back n leave ur walls blues" but i was too young at the time to understand.
danye: Say that a super fast food restaurant has opened up. This restaurant is a combination of Wendys, McDonalds, Taco Bell and BK. All of the prices of the food are the same that they would be at their original stores. You have $10. How are you going to spend that money?
keytwitty: Amen now i only have to make one trip! I'm getting a small frostee thats 1.29, 2 taco 1 hard pasue n 1 soft pause thats 2 bucks, 1 double whopper with cheese no tomatos or onions thats 3 bucks and all the fries i can get from mcdeez.
danye: Well played.
danye: You've tweeted about the difference between "bitches" and "white bitches". Can you describe the latter?
keytwitty:I love white bitches they get fucked up when they go out clubbing, they cant dance smh, n they love getting cold taking down!
danye: Would you rather have someone "like" your Facebook status or RT you on Twitter?
keytwitty: ooo RT BC TWITTER IS REAL RAP RAW motherfucker got feels on facebook.danye: Did you ever find your crazy, naked, zeebra lady Uhmfufu from Africa?
keytwitty: Man u know I'm from Africa! Those wild African (plural name for female dog*) u can train n they will listen not like these America heifers. I think I might have a wife in Africa already I got to ask my mother.danye: What would your name be if you were A) a porn star or B) a 1990's WWF wrestler?
keytwitty a) jock st dickman b) the big belly monster
danye: What are your thoughts on the lockouts?
keytwitty The lockout is sad bc it hurts to see rich people fight over money! While the fans who live check to check to support their product r just left heartbroken! And life with no sports I don't even want to think about it.
danye: Tell me about the dream you had when Kevin Garnett sucker punched you in an ally?
keytwitty Well it was dark n I can't see anything! He hit me n screamed anything is possible!
danye: What song do you currently have on repeat?
keytwitty: I love that song 9 pieces BC I sell dope.
danye: Last question- why should people follow you (in 140 characters or less)?
Hmmm BC I will sock u in the face n take ur girlfriend! Real rap raw

-fresh (@danye33)