Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jason Bay-Please Don't Suck.

The 2009 New York Mets put on an embarrassing display of baseball playing this past season. Marred by injuries, adjusting to a new stadium, poor coaching, etc... all lead to one of the worst seasons I have ever seen as a Met fan. In fact, it was so bad that when my room mate encouraged me to root for the Yankees, I became a fair weather fan for the season...and they won the World Series. Why this can't happen to a team I actually care about, in any sport (minus Giants 2007), is beyond me, but that's neither here nor there. However, the beauty of all sports is the old saying "there's always next year" and this is what keeps me coming back year after year.

After the Yankees won the World Series and effectively and thankfully, ended the 2009 baseball season, I was looking forward to the free agent signing period more so than in the past, hoping the Mets would make some sort of splash and pick up a key player. And what did they go out and do? Signed Kelvim Escobar. Just like many other baseball fans, my first reaction was, who the hell is Kelvim Escobar? So after doing so some research I learned that Kelvim Escobar has made one start in two seasons, so my second reaction was, why the hell did we sign Kelvim Escobar? It got me truly thinking that David Wright would be the last great white Mets player, and that Omar Minaya was truly turning the New York Mets into Los Mets, which is fine with me as long as they win, but Kelvim Escobar? C'MON MAN.

Anyway, I woke up today with a bangin hangover on an unfamiliar couch in an unfamiliar apartment. After recollecting my thoughts, and finding my pants, I made my way out of the room to see my boy Andrew, which is usually great. But today was a "Bad Look Tuesday", where everything was going wrong. Couldn't find the batteries for the controller, 360 was unplayable, and we were stuck watching Jaws II, which all would have been fine if we hadn't been drinking tequila all night (Continental on the Lower East Side, 5 shots for 10 bucks of anything you it out.) What does all this have to do with Mets and baseball you may ask? Well, while driving through midtown I checked and the very first thing I saw was a picture of Jason Bay superimposed with the New York Mets logo. I immediately let out an emphatic "HELL YEAH", nearly causing Andrew to crash, and got on the phone with my son, who really didn't sound all that excited to talk to me-what's good with that?

With Jason Bay, the Mets added one of the top-two available players in baseball, a tremendous hitter who just came off a year where he hit .267 with 36 home runs, 119 RBIs and 94 walks in the toughest division in baseball. I still have a looming fear that he will turn out like so many other stars who came to New York only to fold under the immense pressure of the New York media and fans (Randy Johnson, Jason Giambi, Pedro Martinez, plus countless others). But the optimist in me truly believes that Bay will be very productive for the Mets, and be a solid outfielder for years to come. Yes, the Mets undoubtedly need to do more work and sign more players, but if Jason Bay proves to be the player he is capable of I will forever remember "Bad Look Tuesday" as the day the Mets' luck turned for the better. So, Jason Bay in the unlikely event that you are reading this awesome blog, welcome to New York, please don't suck...or we will run your ass out of town.

This has nothing to do with this article, this is just an awesome song....

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