Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tebow, Nate Robinson, GUNS.

Yesterday was an interesting day in the sports world that included a "holy shit, I can't believe that happened" moment that only comes around every once in a while. Last night marked the end of the Tebow/Meyer dynasty at the University of Florida as they romped the Cincinatti Bearcats in a laugher of a game. As good as Florida has been over the last four years, I for one couldn't be happier that this chapter in college football has come to an end. I know I'm probably gonna catch a lot of flack for this but, there have been few athletes as annoying as Tim Tebow. I admire his athletic accomplishments and what he has done for the game, but off the field this dude is just ridiculous, and gets way too much shine for the wrong reasons. First, the religious stuff is just absurd, keep it to yourself man I don't give a damn if you're Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc... but keep it to yourself it's extremely self-righteous to openly and aggressively speak of your religion, and the Bible verses on the eye black? Just obnoxious. Second, the fact that he claimed he's a virgin should not be on the front page of Period. Third, the bromance between him and Urban Meyer is borderline homosexual, these two look way too happy to be around each other to just have a coach/player relationship- bets on who's pitcher and who's catcher? So Tebow, you were a fantastic college player, arguably the best of all time, but man were you an annoying media whore. So please, take your underdeveloped quarterback skills to the NFL for a mediocre career, and fade into obscurity, except your probably too big of an asshole to go out quietly and with some grace.

Alright, enough with the hate, how about my man Nate Robinson from the New York Knicks. He hadn't played in 14 games, and was in Coach D'antoni's doghouse for the last month, but last night he got a chance and made the best of it. Robinson dropped 41 points, including 11 in overtime to lead the Knicks to a victory over a very good Atlanta Hawks team. However, in doing so, Robinson put the Knicks between a rock and a hard place. The Knicks had been shopping Robinson, and it was almost guaranteed that he would not be with the team in 2010, but after being the best player on the court last night, what will the Knicks do? What if he keeps playing like a man possessed and helping the Knicks win in the process? Also, I'm interested as to what the interaction between D'antoni and Robinson was like after the game. I wonder if D'antoni gave him the "Sorry for being a prick for the last month, good playing out there." or, "Good game Nate, but get the tweezers back out cuz your ass is gonna be riding the pine until you're out of New York." Something to keep an eye on for the next couple weeks.

Lastly, the "holy shit, did that just happen" moment of the day. After getting into a heated argument over gambling debts with one another, Washington Wizards' guards Javaris Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas PULLED GUNS ON EACH OTHER IN THE LOCKER ROOM. I love stuff like this. This is just insane. As my friend Alex and I discussed, this may be the craziest thing to ever happen in the NBA, right up there with Jordan knocking out Steve Kerr during practice, and Latrell Spreewell getting on all homicidal on his coach. I have no idea what's going to happen, but the fact that there are guns in the locker rooms is alarming, yet awesome at the same time. The interviews with the players have been great so far, every Wizard looks like they just walked in on their parents having sex when asked about the situation. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

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