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Get To Know A Future Pro- Shaquelle Evans

By the time April rolls around most college seniors are already a month or two into their cruise control descent towards graduation. Senioritis has kicked in, the weather starts getting nicer, the parties become more frequent and the next thing you know its cap and gown season.

But in case you couldn't tell, NFL prospects aren't your typical college seniors. As the school year winds down, the pressure to prepare for the next step in their career starts heating up. I got a chance to talk with Shaquelle Evans, a wide receiver from UCLA and 2014 Senior Bowl participant, about what it’s like to compete at the combine,  what separates him from the rest of a loaded wide receiver class and how he plans on spending his last days in Westwood. 

2MW- For starters I just want to congratulate on you on a great college career and for being named to the Senior Bowl. What was it like practicing and playing alongside guys you played against throughout your career?

Shaq- It was cool just getting to know guys that you've been competing against for the last 3-4 years, and seeing people that you haven't seen in five years from high school days. So it was just a great experience to be out there and a blessing to be one of the players selected.

2MWWhat’s life like as an NFL Draft prospect? Can you take us through a typical day?

ShaqA typical day for me is just wake up, work out, lift some weights and then do some receiver specific drills. On days you don't lift weights just make sure your feet are working right, your routes are right, things like that. After that it's pretty boring because you can only work out for so long during the day so after that there's really nothing to do. Try to buy time with other things like video games, watch TV, just to get through the day. 

2MWYou mention video games so I have to ask, are you looking forward to playing as yourself in Madden?

Shaq- Oh yea definitely, I mean I'm hoping. That's something I've been thinking about ever since I started playing Madden. Hopefully I'll be blessed with the chance to play as myself in the game finally.

2MWI know you're focused on taking the next step in your career, has seniorities been kicking in yet at school? I would imagine it's gotta be getting hard to concentrate on classes. 

Shaq- Oh definitely, it's definitely hard to concentrate. But luckily right now I only have one class and it's not too bad, it's pretty easy. So I'm gonna get through it and after this class I'll be done with school. But seniorities has most definitely kicked in. 

2MWWhat kind of receiver workouts have you been doing to stay in shape? Do you have a set guy who throws to you or is it a rotating cast?

ShaqI've got a guy I work out with to make sure my feet are right at the top of my routes. At first I was running routes with Bryn Renner (quarterback from North Carolina). I've also thrown with Trent Edwards, Nick Foles, Ben Roethlisberger, Blake Bortles, a number of different people. I'm busy staying active as much as possible throughout this process to make sure I'm sharp enough for when my name is called and it's time to hit the field.

2MWI saw you ran a ridiculous 4.32 40 at your Pro Day- were you happy with how that day shaped out?

ShaqYea, I feel like I had a solid day. My main goal was to go out there and run good routes, catch every ball, which I did, and to run a faster 40 than I did at the combine, which I did. I felt like I had a productive day that definitely helped me out.

2MWCan you tell us a little bit about what it’s like to take part in the combine? It must be intense knowing all your drills, reps and runs are being monitored so closely, plus you’re surrounded by guys who are fighting for the same job that you want.

ShaqIt's definitely a different experience. It's a journey, I mean they make it seem like you just get there the day before and you wake up and do your drills. But you're there three days before doing medical testing, all types of tests, psychological tests and then interviews with teams so you're up all day doing all those things. Then you've got to go out there and preform with so much pressure on you. It's definitely an interesting experience. You're out there with guys you're cool with, but you also have to compete against them, so it's a little bittersweet. Definitely a blessing to take part in it because not everyone gets invited. 

2MWHow closely, if at all, do you pay attention to mock drafts?

ShaqI don't really look at anything. I've always been like that. Even when I was at college I didn't look at media reports after practices or games. The only thing I want to see is some pictures maybe (laughs), but that's about it. I don't listen to the noise whether it's good or bad. 

2MWHow are you going to be spending draft day?

Shaq- I've invited some of my family to come around. I mean, I'm not going to be sitting there watching and waiting, but whenever my phone is called that's when I'll be attentive. I feel like if I just sit there and watch then it's going to just make me even more anxious, so I'm just gonna be waiting for that phone call.

2MWOne of your teammates, linebacker Anthony Barr, is another top prospect in this year’s draft- what is your relationship like with him?

Shaq- Me and Anthony are great friends, we've been hanging out pretty much since I've been here. But when we were on the field I used to hate going against him. The only time I would really have to block him was on bubble passes where I had to block the outside linebacker, but I definitely hated doing that because he's so big and strong. There was really nothing I could do, just try to hold my ground for as long as possible, but he's going to get off the block. I tried my best!

But we're great friends and he's a great competitor. I can't wait for him to get picked.

2MWWhat is it about your game that makes you stand out from the rest of the wide receivers in this year’s class? Is there anything that you do differently?

ShaqI think I have a very, very good technique, so I don't have to learn as much technical things that other guys will have to work on. I feel like I'm a detail technician because of the type of coach I had my last two years (Jim Mora). I feel like you begin to take on the personality of your coach and I definitely did that. I also feel like my ability to beat man to man coverage is a huge asset because at the next level although teams might play a lot of zone, it's the players who can make plays against man to man coverage that are at the top of the league.

2MWDo you feel like there are any players in the league who your style of play is similar to?

Shaq- If I had to compare myself to someone I always look to Andre Johnson (Houston Texas WR) because he's a bigger body guy like myself. He's about 220 (pounds), a little bigger than me, I'm about 210-212. We're both physical guys, we're both athletic and great route runners. He can run any route- deep route, medium route, and I think I can do that too. We're also good at blocking in the run game.

2MWI know you’re a Cali boy- so I'm guessing it's going to be either the Raiders, Chargers or 49ers, but who was your team growing up?

ShaqMy favorite team was always the Philadelphia Eagles, but I also rooted for the Chargers. I really liked (Donovan) McNabb when he was at Syracuse, so I just went with the Eagles once he got drafted. Been a fan since '99 but I guess now that reign is ending. I'm not a fan of anybody anymore, just the team I end up playing for!

2MWWhat’s your pre-game routine like? Do you have any superstitions?

Shaq- I like to do the same thing before every game. I've got a set program. I go in the locker room, I get changed and I go sit down for like five minutes, put my cleats on and my warm up. Go outside for 30, 40 minutes, get my feet going. Running routes, catching passes. Then I come in, get my wrists taped, put my pads on, then the jersey, then go in the mirror and make sure everything is straight. Put my towel on and then we head out for the warm ups and its time to go.

2MWDo you play any other sports for fun besides football?

ShaqYes, I love basketball.

2MWWho's going to win the NBA title this year?

ShaqThe OKC Thunder. That's my team cause of (Russell) Westbrook. I love him, that's my favorite player and he's also a Bruin. So I'm always going OKC.

2MWLastly, how often do people point out the fact that you share the same first name as Shaquelle O’Neal?

ShaqPretty much every time I meet someone, so it's normal for me now. I expect to hear it.

2MWWell I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. Good luck on draft day and I look forward to following your career!

ShaqThank you man, I appreciate you having me.

-fresh (@danye33

Monday, April 7, 2014

Does This Look Like The Face Of A Cornell Student Who Voluntarily Suffered A Bee Sting On His Penis "In The Name Of Science"?

(Metro UK) A university student stung himself on the genitals using a bee and it was all in the name of science. When Michael Smith started on his journey to find out the worst place to be stung by a bee he probably wasn't thinking it would be in his nostril. But that’s the conclusion he came to after purposefully barbing himself in numerous positions on his body, including his genitals. ‘We speculated it probably really would hurt to get stung in the testicles. Two days later, by chance, I did get stung there. It didn't hurt as much as I expected it to,’ he told the Independent. He chose a total of 25 places to be stung around his body, with some hard to reach areas requiring him to get creative.
Look, I think we can all agree that college is the perfect place for experimentation. It's pretty much expected of you to creatively act like an asshole while "finding yourself" before your ill-equipped entry into the "real world." Treading dangerously close to alcohol overdose on a nightly basis, straight girls making out with straight girls, seeing how big a font size you can get away with using on papers. These are all different ways young twenty-somethings "experiment" in a collegiate setting. But if your type of experiment involves tying a bee to your penis so it can sting you in your balls then you, my friend, are fucked up. 
What kind of study is this anyway? "The worst place to be stung by a bee." Does it really matter?! For starters, pain is relative to your own personal experience, but more importantly all bee stings are AWFUL, so who cares if it hurts slightly more on the tip of your dick? It's going to suck regardless! 
P.S. This kid would have had a much more enjoyable college experience if only he focused on getting a different type of bee sting during his time at Cornell.  
-fresh (@danye33)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Awesome 90's Songs You May Have Forgotten- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Impressions That I Get"

From the glory days of ska comes The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Impression That I Get." Though I'm not quite sure why these dudes fear superstitions so much? I always thought knocking on wood was just a fun way to express that you didn't want something to happen? Anyways, try listening to this song with your eyes closed and NOT picturing a running montage of various 90's high school/college movie party scenes playing in your head. You Can't.

-fresh (@danye33)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crisis Averted, The Weave Lives!!!

phew, that was a close one 

These last two weeks have been beyond frustrating. It was like my very own personal Lindbergh baby kidnapping. My website had been taken from me and I wasn't quite sure I would ever get her back.

It all started on the first morning of March Madness. I had just gotten home from work and was planning on pulling up the site to link our tournament challenge post to our fan page, in hopes of getting some last minute stragglers to sign up for our competition.  But when I entered into my browser, I was greeted with this concerning visual-

It was a notification from Blogger telling me that my site was in violation with their terms of services, and only authors would be granted access to the Weave. Once logged in I was greeted with another message informing me that my site had become infected with some kind of malicious content, and I would have to remove it before requesting a review to re-open the site from Blogger. I had seen this warning once before, sometime in mid-February, and I was miraculously able to get things up and running again by aimlessly fucking around on the "Edit HTML" template in webmaster tools.

This time it pointed out that images on two blog posts, both from well over a year ago, had become corrupted. So far, so good, and it was beginning to look like this might be an easy fix. I removed said images, and waited for the "review" button to magically appear.

No such luck.

At this point I was beginning to grow frustrated. By now March Madness was in full swing, the Knicks were finally contesting for a playoff spot, and some bro got a McDonald's receipt tatted on his forearm, and I was nowhere to be found.

As shocking as this may seem coming from a guy who types on a keyboard for a living, I'm actually completely helpless when it comes to the inner workings of how computers, and in this case, websites, actually work. So I began asking for help from everyone and anyone with a functional e-mail account in my address book.

As a final Hail Mary, I shot a Facebook message to a guy I was friendly with growing up, but had since lost contact with post-high school who I knew (thank you, Facebook) had previously worked for Google (parent company of Blogger). I explained the situation in full detail and asked if it would be possible for him to assess the situation. I stressed how important this was to me, but also made it very clear that I would be incredibly thankful for any help that he might be able to give me.

One week and a dozen or so e-mails later, the Weave is back, and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for all of Rick's help.

With four + years, more than 1,100 posts and close to a half a million (!) views, the Weave has become a gigantic part of my life, and probably the most accurate representation of who I am. And the thought of losing it, or not having it a finger click away, TERRIFIED me.

Would the hard work of myself and a handful of other incredible people be for naught?

Not on my watch, but this scare has given me a greater appreciation of this amazing online community I've created, and has motivated me to keep this site going better than ever before.

So thank you, the reader, for your patience, and continued support of The 2 Man Weave. Here's to the next chapter of this crazy ride.


-fresh (@danye33)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sign Up For The 2 Man Weave's FREE March Madness Tournament Challenge!!!

Look, I can't offer you a cool billion dollars like Warren Buffett, but what I can offer you is a free chance to prove that you know more about college hoops than your favorite blogger (won't be hard!), plus some shine on the Weave, and a few brewskis if you're ever out and about in New York City. To sign up all you have to do is click here, and enter the password "cortland" (word to my alma mater). If you don't have a Yahoo! ID, just set 45 seconds aside and make one. This pool awards bonus points for upset picks. So for example if you pick a 12 seed to beat a 5 seed in round one and it hits you would get one point for picking the correct winner and an addition seven points for the difference in seeding. 

Make sure you get your picks in by Thursday morning and then head over to the fan page to talk some trash and whine about how your bracket is going to be shot come Sunday. 

P.S. I'm 100% throwing Zoo Mass in the final four solely out of respect to their "Full House" re-enactment. 

Have Mercy!

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

In Honor of The Weave's 420 Thousandth View, Here's The Funniest Anti-Pot Propaganda Scene of All Time

As always, thank you for your continued support of the Weave, and sticking with us even after a recent string of binge watching sessions on pirated websites have resulted in infrequent postings for the past two weeks.

"Here's something that doesn't take a lot of skill to do- just a lighter and a COMPLETE lack of self-respect." 

We're not going anywhere.

-fresh (@danye33)

P.S. This "427th Heaven" techno remix is scorching hot

Friday, March 7, 2014

True Detective Has Taken Over My Life

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I just had to get caught up on True Detective before fan reactions to the finale on twitter officially breaks the internet Sunday night. Not a chance in hell you can make it out spoiler free if you're not up too speed, and this show is too good to miss out on.

Here's to a happy (bloody) ending!

Thursday, February 27, 2014 Makes Fun of Kings Super Fan Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

The Sacramento Kings haven't given fans much of a reason to cheer since their "Greatest Show on Court" days of C-Webb, Vlade, Peja and Bibby. They haven't made the playoffs since 2006, and up until last May the incompetent Maloof brothers had been doing everything in their power to literally run the team out of town. So no one would have faulted the home town fans for throwing in the towel and checking out for a few seasons while the team floundered below the mediocrity level.

That's what makes Barbra Rust's story that much more impressive, and's idiocy that much more alarming.

Barbra Rust, known to local fans as "Sign Lady," has not missed a Kings home game since her family moved to Sacramento in 1985. Kings owner Vivek Ranadive says she "truly represents the spirit of the Sacramento Kings in so many ways."

In 2013 she was inducted into ESPN's Fan Hall of Fame, after receiving more than 85,000 votes on the Hall's website. Ask any die hard Kings fan and they'll tell you that Barbra is the heart of the team's fan base. Forward Jason Thompson goes one step forward by referring to her as "The heart and soul of the Kings."

In early October, less than a month before the season was set to begin, Rust was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kings fans and players immediately began flooding social media networks using #LoveForSignLady hashtags. Among those who reached out were former players Bobby Jackson, Tyreke Evans and Thomas Robinson.

Shortly after her diagnosis the Kings honored their loyal fan during their Breast Cancer Awareness night, before a preseason game against the Golden State Warriors. "Pink in the Paint" raised money for Albie Aware, a foundation created in the memory of Albie Caron, a local resident who lost her battle to breast cancer in 2002. The team sold pink merchandise with ribbons and all of the proceeds went to the charity. Fans were also encouraged to come and write their name, along with words of encouragement, to Barbra, who needed the cheers of her comrades more than ever.

Here's an excerpt from the team's press release:
"Along with recognizing Albie Aware, the Kings will honor one of its most beloved fans, Barbara Rust, who recently announced that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Rust is known fondly as "Sign Lady" for the steady stream of inspirational signs she has flashed at the team from her seats in the arena for years. The team also is raising money for the foundation by auctioning off two signs made by Rust especially for this event."
Barbra Rust has since undergone at least one successful surgery, and has made her way back to section 118 at Sleep Train Arena.

Basically, anyone with access to Google could have found out who the Sign Lady was in the same amount of time it takes to sneeze.

Which gives you a pretty good idea to how much effort Rafael Canton, of the click-baiting site, used when he put together his "11 Worst NBA Custom Jersey Fails" slideshow for the site.

Coming in at #4 on his list was the beloved Sign Lady, rocking her famed Die Hard Fan Since '85 jersey, with the caption "Sucks to be a loser" written below it.

"Sucks to be a loser" sounds like an insult Frankie "The Enforcer" would dish out on Boy Meets World

Granted, no one should be turning to Complex for their groundbreaking sports coverage, but the fact that this woman, who has become an inspiration to so many, was looped in with the likes of a Kardashian Mavs jersey, and mocked to boot, is disgusting.

-fresh (@danye33)

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Girl Channels Her Inner Miley Cyrus

-fresh (@danye33)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hot Fiya- Arctic Monkeys "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?"

Been bumping to the Monkeys (relatively) new album "AM" for a minute now, and this has long been my favorite song of the bunch (mainly because it hits a little too close to home), but after hearing this song played at a *trendy* Manhattan bar last weekend I knew I had to post fast before it (GASPS!) becomes too mainstream to enjoy.

So enjoy.

-fresh (@danye33)